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No, George Soros is NOT a Nazi

Wild Right-wing conspiracy theories continue to abound.

I would like to touch upon the subject of George Soros and the absurd conspiracy theories being propagated by right-wing extremists who hold antisemitic views.

It is imperative to refute the baseless claim that the Holocaust survivor and philanthropist, George Soros, is a Nazi sympathizer. This outlandish theory was fabricated by Lyndon LaRouche, Jr, a notorious antisemite and conspiracy theorist, in the 1990s.


At the young age of 13, when the Nazis occupied Hungary, George Soros was compelled by Adolf Eichmann, one of Hitler's top aides, to act as a courier for the regime. He bravely defied the Nazis by warning his fellow Jews, at great personal risk, not to obey the summonses.

The subsequent instance that anti-Semitic individuals employ to propagate their abhorrent conspiracy theory involves Soros pillaging his Jewish brethren. However, this claim is unequivocally and factually incorrect. In order to evade persecution by the Nazis, Soros and his family obtained falsified Christian identification documents. Additionally, Soros was sent to live with a man named Baumbach, who assumed the guise of his godfather. Although Baumbach identified as Christian, his wife was Jewish, and he was sheltering her from the Nazis. Baumbach was tasked with cataloguing confiscated Jewish assets and brought George along on one occasion while conducting the inventory. Soros endeavored to blend in seamlessly and not arouse suspicion of his Jewish heritage, ultimately refraining from any misconduct or theft.

In an attempt to deflect attention from the criminal activities of their chosen leader, Republicans continue to propagate these baseless lies that Soros is responsible for Trump's legal troubles, despite the fact that he did not contribute to the Bragg campaign. The Open Society Policy Center, which is associated with Soros, donated $1 million to a civil rights Political Action Committee (PAC) called Color of Change before Alvin Bragg's election, but there was no indication that any of this money was specifically earmarked for Bragg's campaign. It was the PAC that subsequently donated $500,000 to Alvin Bragg.

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It is high time to put an end to these antisemitic falsehoods and acknowledge that the individual being indicted may have committed a crime. Let us not resort to spreading hateful rhetoric in an attempt to exonerate our political heroes.

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