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The Trump Family are the Real Chinese Earners

As the GOP attacks Hunter Biden, The Trump Family is the real family with major Chinese business ties.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have shifted their focus to Hunter Biden and his family, accusing them of receiving money from a Chinese company. This comes from the same political party that elected a president who boasted about his earnings in Russia, made at least $5.4 million while in office from China, and publicly praised China on numerous occasions.

Ironically, the Republican party, which prides itself on free-market principles, is now questioning private citizens for making money in China. It is worth noting that China is America's largest trading partner, and US companies and citizens have long been involved in commercial transactions with China.

Indeed, virtually every American has done business with China, whether it is through online marketplaces like Amazon or brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart. Even most Fortune 500 companies in America have benefited from Chinese business opportunities. The Trump family is no exception: President Trump and his three children have made money from China, and even Melania Trump has profited from her skincare line marketed to Chinese consumers.

Instead of wasting valuable time and resources on misguided investigations targeting Hunter Biden, the Republican party should focus on improving the country. It is time for our leaders to prioritize the needs of the American people, rather than political vendettas that serve no purpose but to distract and divide the nation.

Below you will find just a sampling of some of the Chinese business connections that the Trump family has had, and in many instances, still have today.

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