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We are the Krassenstein twins, Ed and Brian. We’ve been thorns in Trump’s side for the last 7 years. In fact he blocked us on Twitter and then was forced by the courts to unblock us, because, you know, there is something called the First Amendment. We are investigative journalists who uncovered multiple plots by right wing Americans to damage the credibility of those working for truth and order.

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Krassensteins: Why We Tweet - Our Story
Some people ask us, "why the hell do you tweet when you get so much hate in return?" While those on the right often claim that there is a nefarious plot and "dirty democrats" or "Soros" money behind each of our tweets, we find such accusations amusing. Typically, those who resort to such tactics lack valid counterarguments to our posts. Instead of engagi…
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We uncovered a plot to attack Robert Mueller in 2018 with false rape allegations. We’ve uncovered a plot by Saudi Arabia to attack Ilhan Omar as a “Qatari agent,” and discovered the deceptive, dishonest past of Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade. We are also activists and haters of hate!

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Brian and Ed Krassenstein

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