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TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick, always the Trump defender took responsibility for the decision to rally in Waco. Yet even that makes it obvious WHY Waco was chosen, on that particular day, regardless of who actually made the decision.

What I really want to know, always in fact, isn’t what he said (it’s always the same and mostly lies anyway-aren’t we beyond this yet?) but exactly how many attended and how big the venue was or how many it was meant to hold. Photos are deceiving. Venues are stacked with ringers and wannabes with campaign provided signs for the best camera shots. Even a form of casual DEI is used to place a variety of races & both genders behind the candidate in front of the cameras. Attendance is information I have rarely ever seen in a rally review. Tulsa is the only rally where attendance was actually the subject. And it’s rare for cameras to pan the entire venue. Is it any wonder people are wary of media covering Trump or MAGA candidates? What’s not being reported is what’s so obvious. So...why?

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