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I will NEVER forget the awful dread Ii felt on Election Night in 2016 as Trump was declared the winner. Dread so strong I cried. I don’t even have kids. But I know kids, and I am a woman, live in a state where whites are outnumbered by Hispanics, and where gun ownership was already unfettered. Where militias and the KKK still flourish. A complicated panoply of emotions from which I viewed the election of a well known racist grifter who (for decades) grabbed women by the pu**y and regarded them only by appearance. Who welcomed foreign adversary help in his campaign and threatened his competitor with jail during debate. All I saw was a stage set for disaster. For ALL of us. And it ain’t over yet. We are LIVING that dread I felt 7 years ago (you guys more than most!).

Keep writing, keep Tweeting. Whatever. It. Takes. ✌🏻

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