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That's what she did with any videos of drag shows here in Texas. I tried speaking out on another's Tweet and was immediately suspended. No warnings no nothing. I have to suspect it was for me having a picture and references to Counter Social. After listening to you today, I'm thankful. I did configure robcmtx for access so I can still read posts that Jester shares. Other than that, my 15 year old account is history. If Libs is the type Musk supports, he can have them. I support Counter Social now and don't have issues or threats.

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Twitter has become a cesspool for the ever lying

far right sleaze bags .

They clearly knew the truth but chose to lie anyway, unleashing a rain of hate toward the Krassenstein family.

Of Course the high minded twitter employees know this and double down on the lies. I am, at this point thinking twitter needs to be boycotted.

And I think its time to start boycotting other slippery businesses.

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This is inexcusable!! Thank you for keeping up the good fight for all of us. Just subscribed!

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Twitter has become a collection of misfit thugs who are happily terrorizing people they don’t agree with.

Who asked them to agree, keep your own twisted up theories and leave me alone

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