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Republicans would have us hire the National Guard to attend any and all celebrations ( sweet sixteen) rather than take weapons off of the streets.

‘Open Carry’ is the best they’ve been able to come up with in response to hundreds of deaths of people of all ages with a major in children in schools .

Now , math is not my thing but its not hard to see that ‘more guns equals more death ‘.

This is a concept they refuse to grasp .

Not cannot, but refuse to grasp.

The idea that Government is for the good of the people, thats over .

We have now, thanks to the GOP and the sponsorship of the NRA, government is now all about ‘guns’ and freedom to kill.

Thats why republicans now wear lapel pins that depict guns , instead of the American flag lapel pin , they used to wear.

Coincidence regarding constant gun violence and death?

I think not.

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